Great Scrapbooking Ideas without Spending a Single Cent


Ask anyone who has taken scrapbooking up as a hobby as to why they did.  The answer is usually the same: scrapbooking is a low budget pastime as compared to other more popular hobbies. 


Take golf, for example.  Before you are able to enjoy the hobby, you will need to shell out a few thousand dollars for golf clubs, a golf bag and a pair of golf shoes as well as, for some people, the perfect outfit to wear on the fairway. 


Then, there are the lessons where you would need to spend a couple of hundreds of dollars more.  The same holds true for ballroom dancing where dancing lessons may cost more than the average American’s monthly paycheck.  But, this is a myth.  While you don’t spend hundreds of dollars for each scrapbooking project that you create, you will be surprise when you add all the couple of dollars spent here and there in a month that you have actually spent almost just as much as playing golf or having one session with a multi-awarded dance instructor.


It is for this reason that many consider scrapbooking an extremely deceiving hobby to take up.  The reason why you unknowingly have spent so much in scrapbooking is simple!  There seems to be a direct effect with regards to how the prices are advertised.  It is for this reason why most stickers and other products will show prices of $1.99 instead of $2.  Because of this psychological effect to the buyer, you inevitably wind up buying in large amounts.  The next thing you know, you begin to start wondering where all your money had gone.


Create A Scrapbook

You do not have to spend a fortune to create a great scrapbook.  Here are a few tips which you can use to have a spectacular scrapbook while shaving a couple of dollars from your scrapbook making expenses.

If it ain’t broke, don’t replace it!


You walk into your favorite arts and crafts store and see a new arrivals section of a number of tools for scrapbook making.  Before you have the urge to seize these and head out to the check out counter, stop and think for a moment.  Do you already have tools at home that perform just the same functions as these tools?  If your answer is “yes,” then it is best to already use what you already have.  Remember, scrapbook making is all about imagination, not about equipment.  Great things have been created with the simplest tools and the same holds true for scrapbooking.

Use what you already have


Gather all the things that you plan on throwing away and go through them.  You will be surprise with the wealth you will find in junk!  Your child’s old crayons, outdated clothes, greeting cards and even gift wrappers would make wonderful add-ons to the pages of your scrapbook.  Not only will you save on decorative materials for your scrapbook, but it will also help you get rid of all the trash lying around in the house AND make your scrapbook guaranteed to be one of a kind.

Create your scrapbook from scratch


The biggest expense that anyone starting scrapbooking as a hobby would incur is buying the scrapbook itself.  Nowadays, it is so easy to just purchase your own starter kit, complete with a scrapbook where you can just paste and decorate the pages.  The downside of this is, the more you get into the hobby, the quicker you will fill up the pages and before you know it, you are back in the store purchasing a new scrapbook. 


Add a personal touch and make the scrapbook from scratch by using recycled paper which you can buy at your local arts and crafts store.  You have the upper hand on how your scrapbook will look like and also how thick or thin it may be. Want to go a step further?  Create your own recycled paper from old newspapers and used papers.