There are many ways to tell a story through a scrapbook.  The most common way of creating a page of a scrapbook is pasting a photograph on the center of the paper with a caption describing the photograph.  Mementos and decorative materials are then carefully pasted around the photograph to add more details about the photograph


Magazine Article Layouts.

Another way of telling the story is designing each page of the scrapbook that you are creating is to make it look like a magazine.  There are two different ways that scrapbook makers do this.  The first is through creating each page looking like the front cover of magazines with catchy captions and photographs with different sizes.


The other way that scrapbook hobbyists use this layout style is creating this looking like a magazine article.  This is usually preferred by scrapbook makers that have a flair for writing.  Because this would involve writing the story alongside with the photographs and design materials, this layout can oftentimes take a longer time to complete.


If you would like to use this layout style for your next scrapbook project, here is a list of the things that you would need to create your own magazine-style scrapbook.



This is the basic requirement you would need for all your scrapbook making

projects, including your magazine style scrapbook.  A typical scrapbook album size is 12 inches x 12 inches but there are some albums that are much smaller than this so you can create a magazine-style scrapbook with the same size as any typical magazine that you would find in the newspaper stands.  Depending on how you would like your magazine style scrapbook to look like, you can select from a hardbound scrapbook album or a binder style scrapbook album which would allow you to add more pages to the album once the pages run out.


The latter is the best choice is you are going for the magazine article layout since you will be incorporating a lot more text than if you will be using the layout of just the cover of a magazine as well as ensuring that all the pages that you create for the scrapbook is protected from the elements allowing this to be stored longer.  Refill pages are available in sets of 10s and 20s which would allow you to feel free to be as detailed as you want for the text content of your magazine style scrapbook.



Make your magazine style scrapbook as realistic as possible by cutting out captions from existing magazine articles.  Cutters or fine-tip scissors would be the best choice for this kind of project because it would allow you to precisely cut out the captions that you would be using for the magazine-style project no matter how small the text may be.  Just make sure that your cutting tools are well maintained to avoid from going dull.  Not only would it make cutting materials a lot harder but it may even cause your materials to be ruined altogether.



There are a number of adhesive materials that you can use for your scrapbook making projects ranging from glue sticks to adhesives that would allow you to remove materials and stick them in another part of your scrapbook.  It is important to remember to make sure that these adhesives are made with acid-free and lignin-free components since these would speed up the deterioration of your photographs and other materials that you have included in your scrapbooks.



There are a wide variety of cardboards and specialty paper of a number of colors to choose from to create the background and borders for your photographs.



Just like adhesives, these writing materials should also contain acid-free and lignin-free materials which you would need to write your “articles.”