There is no doubt that scrapbook making has now become one of the most popular and well-loved hobbies in the country today.  Many of those who have taken up the hobby are easily hooked to it because it allows you to achieve two things. 


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The first is that scrapbook making allows you to preserve all your memories by incorporating both photographs and other keepsakes that have been lovingly stored away to let you remember these events more vividly.  The second is that scrapbook making provides a venue for you to explore your creative side by decorating your scrapbook from cover to cover allowing you to create a scrapbook that is one of a kind.


However, because it is so easy to get addicted to this hobby, it can eventually become a very expensive hobby.  This is because as scrapbook making becomes extremely more popular, more and more materials are being sold and oftentimes scrapbook making hobbyists cannot help themselves from buying a new cutting tool or more decorations for their projects that before they know it, they have spent so much money that is just as much as if they were taking up dancing or golf as a hobby.


Creating your very own scrapbook does not have to cost you an arm and a leg.  After all, buying all your materials for your scrapbook projects defeats the entire meaning of what a scrapbook is – a book created using bits and pieces of scrap materials which would bring back the memories that have been captured in the photographs. 


Purist scrapbook making hobbyists have actually been able to create beautifully crafted scrapbooks without even once going out to buy materials from their local arts and crafts store, and so can you!  With a bit of imagination, you will be able to find a whole of materials that you can use for your scrapbooks.  Here are a few tips that you can help you do just that.



One of the most important materials being used when creating scrapbooks is, of course, the paper where you will be pasting the photographs and decorations on.  Gather bond papers that have been discarded after a few printing errors on one side can be used as background as simple as apply adhesive to the printed portion and pasting it on your scrapbook to allow you to use the clean side of the paper. 


If you have used both sides, you can still use these by covering them up with poster paint.  The same treatment can be done for old newspapers.  Even shredded paper can still be used as a form of background.  Color them using poster paint or watercolor and weave them together to create a checkered pattern.


If you have some extra time on your hands and do not need the materials right away, you can also create your own paper.  Newspapers and colored papers are perfect for this.  There are a number of websites online that would offer you instructions on how to make your own handmade recycled paper.  Just make sure that the paper is completely dry before you use it to avoid blotting.



Not literally, of course!  But before you discard anything from now on, take a closer look on these items.  You may be able to use these as materials for your scrapbook.  Clothes that have been outgrown by your children, gift wrappers, ribbons, greeting cards and worn out Christmas trimmings are perfect decorative materials that would have otherwise been thrown away in your garbage.



The term “pack rats” are usually given to those who seem to find some form of sentimental value on just about everything.  While many people would otherwise find these materials worthless, pack rats view them as keepsakes.  These could range from falling autumn leaves to tickets to a football game and even sand from the beaches that they have been to.  Start collecting things that catch your eyes the next time you take a vacation.  These would be perfect design elements that you can use when you create a scrapbook all about it.