The art of scrapbook making has been seen as a means of collecting different materials that would not seem to be connected with each other and yet would be able to tell one story when these materials placed together and viewed as a whole when going through the different pages of the scrapbook.  All you need is just a little bit of imagination to make this happen.


Creative Ideas For Scrapbooking

The common way of creating scrapbooks is using photographs and mementos to relive these memories.  These are then decorated with a variety of trinkets and materials to give it a personalized touch.  With the wide variety of materials that are now available for scrapbook making, many have begun to rely on these materials and patterning their scrapbooks on those that they have either seen in magazines or over the Internet.  Sadly, the growing popularity of scrapbook making has caused many of those who have recently taken up the hobby to limit the designs of their scrapbooks relying more on samples and materials that are available at the local arts and craft stores.


Although there is nothing wrong with using these materials that are available at local arts and crafts stores and bookstores whenever you embark on a new scrapbook project.  After all, these materials and tools have been made and sold for the purpose of making scrapbook making a whole lot easier for you to create your scrapbook projects in the assumption that since these would make scrapbook making a whole lot easier for you to do, you will be able to think of more ways on how to create your own unique scrapbooks.  These materials and tools should not constrict you from tapping into your creative abilities by depending on them.   


Because scrapbooks have been created using photographs that have been taken to capture the memories that you would like to preserve, you can actually play around with this to add some form of uniqueness.  If you have a talent for sketching or drawing, you can incorporate this talent of yours into your scrapbook making endeavors.  Instead of just pasting a photograph, you can paste a sketch of the exact same photograph onto your scrapbook page. 


Friends and family members who will view these pages would have a deeper understanding just how much these events meant to you since you made the extra effort of sketching these photographs onto your scrapbook instead of just merely pasting the photograph itself.  Caricature drawings of each of the people in the photograph would be another way of reliving the memories showing your friends and loved ones that not only was the event memorable, but more so the things that you have shared with them that made these memories worth preserving.


Instead of just using colored and textured paper for the background of your scrapbook page, you can also use photographs that have been altered through the use of a computer design software program.  These programs have a variety of treatments that can alter how a photograph may look like to be used as a decorative element for the pages of your scrapbook.  Some of these treatments include making these into a watermark so that you can have a glimpse of a particular photograph for each and every page of your scrapbooks.