Although scrapbook making has been growing in popularity over the past few years, the art of scrapbook making by itself is not something new.  In fact, this has long been a favorite past time for many decades and a means to put together photographs and mementos of a particular occasion or event, and decorated by scraps of materials and fabrics (hence the name) while allowing their creativity to run wild. 


This is what sets scrapbooks apart from a humble looking photo album.  Scrapbook makers add minute details such as changing the background of each photograph or photographs on a particular page, making each page unique. 


Scrapbooking Page Layout

If you want to go into scrapbook making, but do not know where to begin, the first things that you will need to do is to create a layout for each page of the scrapbook.  This would give you an idea on how the final scrapbook will look like.  It will also allow you to determine what particular materials you would need in order to make this layout come to life. 


These materials can range from the photographs that would be used for each page, cutting materials such as punchers, scissors and cutters, magazines, newspapers, writing materials and the kind and quality of paper that would be used for each of the pages of the paper, making the entire task of creating a layout a delightful task on its own.


Another benefit of creating a layout before you begin creating each page of your scrapbook is that, since you will be able to determine what particular materials you will need for each of the pages of the scrapbook, you will be able to collect all of these materials and have all of them ready for you to use once you begin your project.  This is to make sure that you would not be interrupted while you are creating your scrapbook. 


All the materials that you would need to create your scrapbook are available at your bookstore and local arts and crafts store where you can always ask the assistance from store clerks to make sure that you get the right materials that you will need for your scrapbook project.  It is very important that when you buy your scrapbook materials, make sure that all of these materials are free of any acid or lignin components because these would cause the speedy deterioration of the pages of the scrapbook which will put all of your hard work to waste. 


Scrapbooking Layout Examples

Because there is no particular right or wrong way to create your layout, you have the option to choose whether you would like one particular layout to be used for the entire scrapbook or whether each page would have a totally different layout on its own. 


Some avid scrapbook hobbyists create their layouts by putting one photograph in the middle of the page and then surround the picture with mementos and design materials.  Others create their layouts using three photographs for every page.  Those who are new to the hobby of scrapbook making can also check the Internet where there are a number of tips and layout templates that you can choose from.


Since photographs vary in sizes, there will be some instances as you progress in your project that the layout that you have designed earlier would not fit one page of the scrapbook.  If this is the case, you can try to spread the layout using two pages, making a blow up version of the layout so that you can maintain the uniformity of the pages of your scrapbook.  Another option is to try to make the photographs smaller so that you can fit this all in one page.  There are a number of photo developing stores that would allow you to make your photographs smaller without having to cut the photos that you have.