Just like a novel, a scrapbook is one that tells a story from start to end.  The difference between the two is that scrapbooks do not use words.  Instead, the pages are filled with photographs capturing the best of the memories lovingly preserved and immortalized to share and look back to, reliving the stories that tell more than words could ever describe.


There are a million and one ways to create a scrapbook and there is no right or wrong way to do it.  Over time, each scrapbook not only becomes a memoir of the best memories we ever have, but also becomes a testimony to the development our creativity and love for the craft. 


Scrapbooking Materials

However, the no matter how much we would like to have these scrapbooks to last forever, the materials used to create a scrapbook do eventually deteriorate over time.  In order to preserve these memories longer, it is a good idea to select a durable scrapbook cover which would allow the pages to last longer. 


It is also advisable to store these in a cool, dry place.   Better yet, try creating a computerized version of the scrapbook that you have created so that you can be able to store these in CDs which are more durable than mere paper.  There are a number of computer design software programs available in the market today which would allow you to do just that easily.  While these computer design software programs may cost you a few hundred dollars, it is a small investment to get into to make sure that even if the paper scrapbook has deteriorated over the decades, these would remain alive in all its glory through the computer.


Whatever the shape of the scrapbook or its style, the one thing that is similar among all scrapbooks is that it is composed of pages upon pages of beautifully decorated paper showing and telling a story of its own. 


Because there are a number of kinds of paper and paper materials available at the local bookstore, your local arts and crafts store and even over the Internet that you, as a scrapbook maker, may choose from ranging from plain white paper to colored and textured paper.  Some scrapbook makers would actually print out ready-made templates which are then printed out to be used on paper.


Wherever the paper materials have been bought, it is very important for scrapbook hobbyists to remember to always check that these materials are photograph-friendly.  This means that the paper materials should be free of acid and lignin as these would deteriorate the quality and condition of the photographs that have been incorporated into the scrapbook, causing them not to last as long as you have hoped it would be.


This is the main reason why despite the cost, avid scrapbook makers would still invest on the paper that are sold in local arts and crafts stores and hobby stores to make sure that the paper that they would be using for the creation of the scrapbook would allow the memories to last for a lifetime.


Many people who have not yet taken up scrapbook making to find it rather odd that many scrapbook makers take more than a day just to finish one page of the scrapbook.  There are a number of reason why this is so.  The first and most obvious, is that since a scrapbook is created to tell a story, it is very important that there is a continuous flow page after page to make sure the entire story is told to those who would view your scrapbook.


Another reason why it takes quite a lot of time to create a single page for each scrapbook to be completed is because once the materials are placed, it is extremely difficult to make the necessary changes.  Since these pages hold your memories, isn’t it just appropriate that each page is creatively made and neat?  It is for these reason that before a scrapbook maker would create these pages, each page must first be carefully planned out and executed meticulously.  In the end, what you would get is a wonderfully crafted keepsake that any scrapbook maker may be proud to show.