The art of scrapbook making has become the best way to preserve all your memories through a fun and creative way, allowing you to personalize the pages making each page unique and make you to lovingly look back at them.  So why is it then called a scrapbook?  That is because traditional scrapbooks used scraps in order to design the pages of the book ranging from used paper, old stickers, cloth, lace, buttons, pins and other things that would have otherwise been thrown away.


Scrapbooking Materials

Because of the diversity of materials that can be used and also because these are often small in size, it is very important to have a means to store these materials to make sure that you will able to use these for future use on the other pages of your scrapbook.  There are a wide variety of storage materials being sold in your local arts and crafts store for your scrapbook materials which you can choose from.


The most commonly used storage material by scrapbook hobbyist is the scrapbook tote bag.  These are commonly made out of cloth and would allow you to store all your materials from photographs to your cutting tools all in one place.  Because this is a bag, it is easy to carry around which would allow you to create your scrapbook while waiting for your child to get off from school or in the comfort of your own home.


Another preferred storage container for scrapbook materials are scrapbook cases which are more durable than tote bags and also more compact making this to be easily stored away.  Some of the larger storage cases are made up of multiple snap cases which can be removed when you are ready to use them and then piled on top of each other when you are done for the day. 


As such, it allows you to organize each case based on the materials that they contain making it easier to find the materials you would need when you create the pages of your scrapbook.  It is important, however, to make sure that you choose cases that are transparent to allow you to easily see the contents inside the case. 


Otherwise, you would need open all of these cases to find the specific kind of material you are looking for.  Also, make sure that these cases are made from acid-free and PVC-free materials as these may cause many of the materials, especially your photographs to deteriorate and fade. 


Perhaps the most popular choice of new scrapbook hobbyists is the scrapbook organizer because of its practicality and portability.  Scrapbook organizers come in a wide variety of designs and would allow you to neatly store all the materials in removable snap cases.  For those who are always on the go and would like to create their scrapbook during their free time, the scrapbook organizer can easily be folded in half and carried around looking like a trendy shoulder bag.


Scrapbooking Storage Systems

Ultimately, the deciding factor for which storage container that would suite your needs are the amount of materials that you use in creating your scrapbook as well as the materials that these storage containers are made out of.  In selecting the proper storage container for your materials, always take into consideration just how much materials you have to segregate and if the container can easily be expanded to accommodate more and more materials and tools that you will be using in the future.